Working for Global Chinese Corporations

Why not join the winners’ side of today’s economic world?

It is now a quite common understanding that Chinese major companies play a big role in our world. “Made in China” is no longer a derogatory term reminding of cheap plastic, but a phrase that encompasses major infrastructure projects, tech companies, and venture capital firms. As these China-based conglomerates spread their wings across the globe, it is only reasonable to assume that they will probably need a local workforce in any given country.

In other words, do not fear “China’s taking over the world” – go take over the world alongside China. There is a job for almost any profession, be it lawyers, analysts, programmers, engineers, and many more. While different Chinese firms look for local workers of different backgrounds, they all have the same line under the “requirements” section: “Chinese speaker – an advantage”. 

In these kinds of jobs, even basic Mandarin might be of great help. The job that requireד fluent Mandarin, such as translators or customer support representatives, will be usually manned by Chinese native speakers.  

Just think of the Chinese giants, take Huawei as a “hypothetical” example. They sell phones around the world. Will they not need marketing people in each country? Business development representatives? Lawyers? Most of the big firms also have R&D branches or even manufacturing sub-companies in different states. Just try searching LinkedIn for jobs in a major Chinese company in your home country. You might be surprised by the number of results.

This goes further when digging deeper into the Chinese part of global business. There are countless Chinese infrastructure companies building numerous projects around the world, in need of local workers to take care of their personnel and community relations. Chinese venture capital firms searching for foreign investments will need contacts who know the local market. And of course, the booming Chinese market also encouraged the opening of a whole bulk of new counseling-businesses specializing in China. 

If you thought that learning Chinese helps only those who want to penetrate the Chinese market, entrepreneurs with high ambition and dreams of doing business with dragons, think again. China’s current economic dominance makes the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese a huge advantage for job seekers all over the world, simply because of the huge amount of workforce needed by Chinese companies abroad. It simply raises your chances of finding a job, not just in China, but even in your home country.